Christmas Album - Finished pages and painting page protectors


I've completed my foundation pages for my Christmas mini album using the new Christmas album Quirky Kit. I was thinking on what the best way to photograph the whole thing would be so if you wanted to you can copy any of the pages you wanted to so I've photographed them laid out all together so you can easily save the pic or print it out or pin it to pick out what ideas to use.
Everything I used was part of the kit apart from two things, some white acrylic paint and the gold sewing thread I pulled from the May/June Quirky Kit.

OK here's the first set of pages. The first page is a title page made from a transparent sheet, it was the packaging of the Pink Paislee foil number stickers actually. I just cut off one half of it, punched some holes in the side using one of the page protectors as a guide and then stitched around the edge with the gold thread then added the alpha stickers on top and one of the die cuts.
This first image shows one side of the pages.

This next image shows the same pages on the other sides. Do take advantage of the papers being doublesided because it makes it easy to decorate both sides at once.
One of these pages, the (4/5 one) is made from two pieces of the paper cut out and glued back to back for strength then I've added a pocket to one side made from a strip of paper and stitched on around the edge. All the other pages are page protectors and there's a jounalling card from the die cut pack which I've also glued more paper to the back of and punched in holes.

The white pages are the backs of the Pink Paislee counting cards. They have a delicate border pattern around the edges so I carried this on and use a Christmas stamp with Versamark ink to make a watermark effect. these could be a place for journalling or I may end up just adding photos to the whole pocket and cover them over but keeping them like this I've got both options open. Close up of the watermark stamp in the book.

Here's the next half of the pages. I've added some of the foil stickers over the top of the page protectors so I can fill the whole pocket with a photo. The clear stickers I've used over the top of the page protectors too every time I used them. When you see the photo overlays where the prints over the top or printed on some kind of transparency, well these stickers create the same effect. I absolutely love those stickers because they're like a stamp you can put over the top of anything but there's no chance of messing it up and if I end up needing to move it around I can do.

The twelve page was one of my favourites. I found these 2x2 pages really easy to put together and before I started I thought these would be trickier because of them being already divided up. I think it was the fact they're squares so it was like just making 4 mini layouts. I like how I could make one pocket a shaker one willed with the confetti from the kit and one transparent with the vellum and add a bit of paper to another and then there's a pocket for a photo too. On this one I glued some gems to the front, (these weren't in the kit either but they were from the Jan/Feb Quirky kit). I stabbed a hole in the page protector while I was sewing so I needed something to do a cover up with but I ended up really liking the dimension of the things inside the pocket and the bits inside.

Here's the other sides of those pages:

On some of the pages I've done some painting directly on the page protectors with white acrylic paint to make some snowy effect borders and pockets. Like these:

It's super simple to do, start out with your page protector, some acrylic paint and a paint brush. 

Use a small amount of paint and apply it a dry brush, don't try to water the paint down any as it won't cover the plastic.

Just go ahead and paint on the paint around the edge.

If you need to take some off or you want a lighter coat use a scrap of paper and scrap it off or scrap the paint around using the edge of the paper.

I wanted lots of this one so I've mushed it back around to make it more solid. You have a small window of playing time with it but it will start to dry fairly quickly. 

Once it is dry you can add things over the top. The clear white stickers I used over the top of mine to continue the 'snowy' theme. You can get photo overlays that are like these but doing it this way makes it more customisable. You don't have to stick with white paint either you could experiment with other colours.

 That's the whole album done! If you want any more close up images of any of the pages or need any how to's I've not covered let me know.
Hope you're having as much fun with your Christmas mini kits as I am!
x Leo

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