When all you can come up with is an obscure title from a tv show

We are big "The Wire" fans in our household - (tis great but very sweary) and season 3 provided the perfect title for this story. Although I felt I also needed to explain it in case when I look at this layout in 20 years time I have forgotten the link altogether!
Carys and I were meant to go to Amsterdam but bad weather left us stranded in the UK. So we pulled ourselves together and went to London for a few days instead - still trying to do the things we would have done in Amsterdam anyway. So it became our Hamsterdam holiday. (Although in the Wire it refers to a drugs den. We don't do that kind of thing)

I was going to cut out lots of different size rectangles but decided in the end to go simple and use a square die for a uniform cut instead. I used both sides of some papers from both kits, interspersed with cut apart papers and stickers. I outlined them all in black Sharpie to give some unanimity to all those patterns and then spent time trying to get them in the right place. (You know how it is, you get it all perfect until you notice that two of the identical squares are next to each other) (Or maybe that is just me).

Once they were down, more stickers and flowers were added on top. I left the page fairly flat (its nice to have some that can slide into the page protector quite easily without extra bumps) I added three journalling spots - the top one came last as I realised that I had forgotten something important. And yes I am a bit annoyed that two lots of writing are basically in the same place but I am just going to have to live with it.

And all in all I am pleased with this bright and happy page about a bright and happy time when disaster was averted. And being able to reference a fab tv show? That's a bonus in my book

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