Homemade planner makery mockery

Hi Leo here!

My current planner is due to run out of days in a weeks' time and I got myself in a dilemma because I love my current planner so I wasn't wanting to change the outside. But the inside obviously, it needs a refill. So first I do the thing of looking up refills and I'm thinking I want a change and looking out for something with grids, well there just wasn't anything that looked like what I had in my head. So that got me to thinking..... why not just make the refill pages myself? I get to make it how I can see it and it'll be easy plus I can gather all my Quirky Kit leftover bits from the year and use them to decorate it all up. Well, the initial bit was easy.

Gather some supplies, I bag up all my kit leftover bits after it's time for the next one so I have a bunch of random stuff to use up. Great for planner decorating because most of the things are small scale, little off cuts, pocket cards, embellishments etc.

I made a grid page design on the PC and popped in the month and the days. The margins I copied from my old planner pages, it's an A5 sheet with the left margin 2.5 and the right margin 0.5 then reversed for the back. The bottom right box is for extra notes. You could put a little to do list or put a space for important dates to remember, like birthdays etc.
Once I was done with the basics I decided to get all clever and thought, 'I'll not type in the dates I'll add in those with my roller date stamp! It'll be really simple to do that and I can change up the colours of the ink and it'll make it more homemade too'. How I wish I hadn't been so confident with my 'oh so clever' idea!
I've already got a calendar sheet to get all the right dates from in my old planner along with a bunch of plain paper I can re-use. There are also page on the internet you can look up dates on for undated planners like this one. Note - I have the correct dates at this point!

It started off well. I began on the Monday, the 9th for January. Got all stamp happy with the roller stamp. It's all good. I decide I'm on a roll (erstamp) and keep going with the pages for the next months.

I'm adding in some decorations too as I'm going along. The sheet of flat and puffy stickers were in the May/June 2016 lite kit and the washi is from the March/April 2016 embelli kit. There are some bits from the 2015 Nov/Dec main kit I'm finishing up too.

When I got to the end I filled in the excess squares with some patterned paper. I think this one was July/August main kit.

This is funny, little did I know how appropriate this would be!

It's about three hours later and I'm up to the end of March, just starting April before I realised the error of my ways. I'd started stamping February and March with Monday as the 1st! OMG. So the lesson you can learn from me is, keep your 2017 calendar right in front of you when filling in an undated planner! 
What do you mean it's only me who'd be stupid enough to know not every new Monday of the month starts with the 1st? Well yeah. I blame it on the roller stamp, once you get on a roll with them it's just one of those things you have to keep going with!

I guess it was good that I didn't fill in the whole thing before it dawned on me.
Here's my rectified February page. Like with the end of the month pages I added some patterned paper to fill in the excess squares at the beginning of the month. I'm using stickers to add in the significant dates.

At the start of each new month I'm making up some divider pages with scrap paper cardstock and embellishments.

While I was emptying my bag of kit leftover bits I found photos that I must've cut out to use and then didn't end up finishing projects for so I've put some page protectors, (simple stories sn@p 6x8 ones modified with a new paper margin and new holes punched out) in the back of my planner so I can plan out pages and make sure the photos I'm printing out get scrapbooked this year!

It was a project that took longer than planned but I'm happy that I could make something from stuff I already had to use. I'm all ready for the new year now both for planning and for new kit goodies!
xx Leo

How are you going with your planner set ups this year?

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