Sweet Summer Layout - getting down to using the last bits of a kit

Hi Leo here!

I have just random bits left over of my main kit right now so I set to working on a layout to use up what I have left. I have lots of scrap paper pieces and a few die cuts and lots of the stickers. I also had one full sheet of paper to use so I decided to use that as my background so I can use the whole sheet at once seeing as the point of this one is to use up as much as I can!

I've put together a process video so you can follow along with my as I made the layout. Apologies for all the umming on this one I didn't really know where I was going with it to start with - I usually have a plan but this time my plan was just use what I have in front of me so there wasn't a set vision I went with making it up as I went along!

Sweet Summer Layout Process from Crafty Templates on Vimeo.

If you don't want to watch the video here's a quick couple of photo stills one is of the layout when I'd added the paper layers with just the photo to be added on top and then the second one is the completed layout. I added some sketched circles with my compass before I glued down the paper layers as markers for where I added the stitching. I added the stitching in hand embroidery thread with a darning needle and used a simple back stitch.

Have a go at seeing what you can create with your leftover pieces. x Leo

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