18th Birthday Cards

Although I like to take my time with scrapbook layouts, I prefer when cardmaking is short and sweet. That's why I decided to make 2 birthday cards at once, using similar colour schemes, to save time. I had a couple of guy friends celebrating their birthdays recently, so I thought the navy and purple in the kit would work really well.
 In this first card I was going for quite a messy look, which is why I freehand drew the '18'. If I was going to spend more time I would have machine stitched the top piece of paper, but I think drawing stitches is still effective (and much quicker!)
 This card is a lot cleaner, but I still included a few different textures. I love the serrated edge from a paper bag some of my kit came packaged in, and I think the chipboard star and foam stickers add dimension.
Here you can see the two cards together and although they share similar colours and the '18', they're still quite different designs. Now for some news: I'm afraid this is my last Quirky Kit blog post! I'm so grateful to Leonora for giving me this opportunity and I have really enjoyed the last year or so on the team, but I think it's time for me to just use up my stash for a bit. Thanks for reading!

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