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Hey, Leo here!

I've been delving into the Jan/Feb kits. One of the challenges I set in the Four for February challenges in the Facebook group was to create a title with patterned paper and I've had that in my head to do since then. So that was my starting point for this layout. Everything after that kind of flowed organically!

I started off with pieces I have from the main kit. I don't have a complete kit so I supplemented with some of the Amy Tan watercolour tags from the embellishment kit and a few cards from the Custom Card kit. I picked out the two red papers to use first. To start off with I filled one of the Pinkfresh frames with some of the camera paper.

Then I grabbed the Pink Paislee paper sheet and cut out some of the designs that worked with my photo. At this point I'm not 100% sure I'll use all of them but I've cut them out and I'll play around with them as the layout builds up.
The watercolour tags I liked because you can add in your own colour. I decided to go with a light blue to accent the blue heart on the Pinkfresh frame I've already picked out to use. I used a water soluble crayon I had, scribbling some onto a scrap piece of paper then lifting off the colour with a wet paintbrush and painting over the design so the resist pattern comes through. You'd need to use watercolour type paint on these I think as the resist looks like a wax so acrylic would stick although it might work if you buffed off the paint when it dried. The pack comes with two of each design so there are some to experiment with!
Next I hand cut out my title. I sketched the letters on the back of the patterned paper first then flipped the letters once cut out.
Once the letters were cut out I played around with the position on a card background. I wanted the edges of the letters to look a bit neater so I added some stitching around the edges. The thread from last years May/June kit matches this Pink Paislee paper so it was a nice happy accident!

Once I'd finished with the stitching I played around a little bit more with the title. I've added some of the puffy alpha stickers and the other pieces are the cuts outs from the Pink Paislee paper. The title looked too floaty so I added one of the long stickers across the bottom and then added some of the Echo Park paper above that.
Next I needed to get my photo down. I backed it with some black cardstock first then added it uner my title. I've started to tuck the embellishment bits I picked out under the side. The blank tag is from the Lite kit I think, I don't have full kits to use so I'm having to mix and match a bit! I'm going to add my journalling to that last.
Next I've added two of the Custom Cards alongside my photo, I've used these like I'd use a patterned paper. I picked out the blue one to work again with the powder blue accent I've got going on. I've used the same angle as the title to kind of keep that flowing into the photo.
Now I'm adding the embellishment bits I've made clustered over the top of the cards. I'm using my trusty glue stick because it gives that little window of time to be able to play around with the positioning before it sticks permanently.
I have the main kit sticker sheet to use so I've grabbed some of those to add more embellishment.

This is what I've got so far. The thing that was bugging me was the white space in the bottom left corner so in the end I decided to fill it up with one of the cut out pieces from the Pink Paislee paper. The colour of that one also echoed the colour of the title so I think it helped to bring the two halves together.

 Finally! One finished layout:

Hope you're having fun with your new kit box! xx Leo

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