Take It Away Challenge #2 - Stamping without stamps

Hi Leo here!

Here are the details for the next of the new weekly challenges. The new challenge is called:

Take It Away

The new challenges are all about taking away something we use on our paper craft projects to help to give us a push to create in a different way.

How it works:
Each new challenge will be posted here on the blog and also in the Facebook Group for you to follow along with.
Complete all the Take It Away weekly challenges to be eligible for an extra goody in your next kit box! The closing date to complete all five of your Take It Away challenge projects will be 21st July 2019. All projects must be new projects made specifically for this challenge. You can use any stash you choose but it's a great opportunity to dig into your kit box and not leave it unused! If you need to catch up with the first challenge that one is here: https://quirkykits.blogspot.com/2019/06/new-challenge-for-junejuly-take-it-away.html

Ready to see the second challenge?

For the second challenge your task is to create a stamped effect but your item to be taken away is, stamps! So you need to create a stamped effect without using stamps. If you think of the art of stamping as simply creating an impression using a medium then you can literally look at anything around you and ask, 'can I stamp with that?'. What would make a good impression? What shape could you look for that would create a good outline? Or maybe something more complete like a button or a sheet of bubble wrap?
 If you need more ideas I've dug these up from Pinterest to help to kick start your mojo and also put together a video of my own stamping on a background where I've used various sized plastic lids and some Brusho to create a stamped background. Raid your recycle bin, kitchen cupboards or even your garden, (leaf stamping!) and see what you can create!

My finished layout using the finished stamped background and embellishments from the main kit:

More ideas from Pinterest:

Stamping with elastic bands on a stamping block:

 Cutting a shape from a sponge to stamp with:

Cotton buds stamping - pencil top erasers also make create polka dot stamps like these:

Stamping with the edge of corrugated cardboard:

Stamping with masking tape - apply the ink to the low tack tape from an inkpad then take it to your cardstock, press down to create smudgy stripes!

Using crinkled up plastic packaging to stamp with:

Applying ink directly to a stamping block with no stamps:

Ready to get going?

Once you've finished your creation upload it to your platform of choice.
For Instagram tag @craftytemplates and mention it's for the Take It Away #2 Quirky Kit challenge so I can find it.
For Facebook add it to the Quirky Kits Group - they'll be a post for each new challenge there to share it to or else mention it's for the Take It Away challenge #2 when you post it so I can find it.
For blog add a link to your project from your blog in the comments below any of the Take It Away challenge posts, (like this one).
Or if you'd prefer to keep your project private you can email them directly to Leonora@craftytemplates.com

Have fun!
xx Leo

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