Ways To Play With Mica Mist

Hi Leo here!

I've finally got a chance to have another play with the new kit goodies and I've been experimenting with the Nuvo Mica Mist.
The background paper and ephemera are from the Lite kit and I pinched out a few of the leaves and enamel dots from my main kit. Then the Mica mist is from the main kit too.

I started off by wanting to add some inky texture to the background paper. I sprayed the Mica Mist on to a plastic bag, quite a lot of it, about 10 sprays.

I then took a piece of kitchen towel and dabbed it in the mist then on my paper background. 

When I'd built up the background I also added a few drops/splashes by tapping the spray nozzle with a pencil, (I showed me demoing this in the kit booklet too).

Next I wanted to see what else I could add the Mica Mist to. I pulled out the leaf cut outs from the main kit and put them on my plastic sheet again, (this will get used over and over as a 'splash mat' for my mica messes!). I then sprayed the Mica Mist over the tops. 

The leaves started to curl up so I took my kitchen paper towel again and blotted and pressed to flatten them down.

I used glue stick to glue them down to my layout background.

Some I also layered over the tops of the die cuts. I also used the Mica mist in the same way on the paper frame I cut out, just from plain white card in the style of an instant photo frame.

Hope my playing has given you some more ideas. If you're a bit unsure about the Mica Mist I'd say just start playing around with it. Take out a sheet of card and see what effects you can create with it. Even if you don't like a background you make, the Mica itself is so pretty that you can use your sheet for die cutting or matting photos, it never needs to be wasted!
x Leo

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