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Hi Leo here!

It's new kit time, hope you're enjoying opening your new goodies!!
Three of the latest kit have Nuvo drops in them and I did show some ideas in the kit booklet on how these can be used for not just dots. Here are some more ideas on how you can play with your Nuvo's!

If you think of your Nuvo Drops as you would a paint or a mixed media item rather than just as something to make dots with you'll get much more out of them. The main thing I've learned over the years using them is to not be afraid of actually using them! I have some that are about 3 years old and they don't work as good as when they were 'fresh' so I'd defo recommend not being too precious with them.

The main thing you need to do before you start using them is to tap out the air. Have a scrap bit of paper or card to get the liquid flowing freely from the bottle before taking it to your project. You can tap the bottle on your desk first too to discourage any air pockets or bubbles.
One satisfying thing to do is to use detail on a patterned paper and 'fill in' the pattern with your Nuvo's here I'm adding some to a sheet of the 'Winterscape' patterned paper from the Crate Paper Snowflake line, (there is a sheet of this in the current lite kits). You can see how on some if the details I'm just 'dotting' it out and on other pieces I'm 'colouring in' with it.

Another thing that's fun to do is to 'write' with them. If you've ever done any icing on biscuits or cakes it's pretty much the same principle. Make sure there's no air in the bottle before you start and then begin 'writing'. You could lightly draw your word in pencil first to follow over the top of. If you have word or letter stickers already you can 'write' over the top of those to give them a different colour or a glitter coating! Here I went over the top of the 'fun' word and also the snowflake sticker.

You don't need to waste the drops you've dotted out to get it flowing either. Take any undried bits and dab them over the tops of stickers or other embellishments you have to give them an iridescent or glitter highlight.

Get experimenting and see what other ways you can create with your Nuvo's!
xx Leo

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