Christmas album in a box!

This year I decided to go a little outside the box for my Christmas mini album. Well I guess it ended up inside the box in the end!!

I started out with supplies from the current Quirky Kits plus some bits and pieces left over from older kits:
The first thing I did was to cut out squares from my paper and card measuring 10cm square. I then sized my photos to fit these pieces, (my photos were no more than 7cm wide so two could fit on a 6x4 size photo)

 I then started to build up the pages on the squares so they came together like really little layouts!

My idea was to string them all together to be pulled from out the box so I also created some dangling bits of individual stickers and sticker clusters to add between the pages.
The box was made from 12x12 white card. To make the base I used a full sheet. I've added the step by steps to the images:
Snip off four of the triangular pieces.
For the lid I used a 6 1/4 inch piece of card to start.
Fold it up just like the base.
Box done!
Next job was to decorate the box. 
I used Thickers to decorate the lid and a square of patterned paper. I squished out a giant pool of the Nuvo and stuck in some tree embellishments. I was thinking like a snowy hill with trees but it's kind of like a gold glitter lake, works for me!
More is more on Christmas projects!
Next I created some squares of paper and card to decorate the four sides outside the box.
Inside the box I covered the sides with more patterned paper. Then I got to fixing my pages inside. I had one end of the string to fix on the bottom of the box that I didn't want to come unstuck so I trapped it in place with lots of foam squares.
To cover these over I used a sticker with a cut in it that allowed the string to slide into.
Next I just needed to finish adding the pages.

For the last page I added a pull tab made with a piece of folded ribbon trapped between two paper pieces.

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