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Happy Easter. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, if you have any. None for us up here in the far north i am afraid.

This week i have created a mini album from the kraft cardstock, the pizza box and the left over scraps.


To begin, take a piece of PP. I used the woodgrain one from the kit. Cut at 6" x 12". Score 2" from each edge. Then Score every 1" all the way across. This makes your concertina for your pages.

Next you will need to make some tags for the pages. Each tag needs to be 1 7/8" x 3 7/8" and you will need 12 in total. Ink all the edges in black ink.

Next take all your PP scraps. Trim them so they are slightly smaller than each tag. You will need 24 in total. Ink all the edges and attach to the tags.

Attach 3 tags to each concertina spine. The top tag goes on the right side of the spine, the middle tag goes on the left side of the spine and the bottom tag goes on the right side of the spine again. Repeat for the remaining spines.

So that is the inside pages made. Now its time to make the album covers.

Cut two pieces of pizza box measuring 4 1/2" x 7". Also cut a spine 1 1/2" x 7". Take your hounds tooth fabric and place it best side down on the desk. Place the cover down, then spine, then back cover. Glue them into place with a strong PVA glue or fabric glue. Leave a slight gap between each piece, probably about the thickness of the pizza card board. Leave to dry.

Once dry, trim away the excess fabric, leaving about an inch all around. Fold in the corners and glue the fabric into place. Again leave to dry.

Once completly dry, cover the inside with kraft CS, using a bone folder to score along the gaps to make a nice neat fold.

Take the spotty ribbon and attach a piece to each cover with strong glue/ adheasive. Attach a piece of inked PP to the front and back covers to hide the ribbon. These will be used to fasten the album.

Next its time to decorate the cover. Take a rectangle of Kraft CS slightly smaller than the cover. Ink the edges and doodle with a black pen. Attach a piece of PP to the left with a slightly smaller one to the right. Ink and doodle again.

Next hand draw a star and cut it from more pizza box. Cover in PP, ink and doodle the edges. I stamped a journal stamp into kraft, distressed it with inks. I added it to the star before tieing string and grey netting around the star.

Next make some embellishments.

The first is a length of hounds tooth that has been turned into a rosette. Hand stitch along one side of the fabric, pull the thread to gather and secure with a few stitches. Glue a circle of PP and a button to the centre.

The next one is a pin wheel. Cut a large circle of netting. Stitch around the outside and pull the threads. Stitch a circle of hounds tooth fabric and another button to the centre.

The next one is another pinwheel. Make a slightly smaller circle, stitch around again and pull the threads. Secure the middle with a button, then stitch to a slightly larger circle of spotty ribbon.

Glue the first two flowers to the cover and a websters whimsey flower, just below the journal card.

Cut out a arrow and place it above the journal card. Add little alpha's and large alpha's to complete your title.

And that is the cover complete. Secure the whole panel to the fabric with a strong glue/ adheasive.

Next its time to attach your pages. Glue the 2" flap from the concertina spine to the edge of the front cover nearest the spine. Repeat with the back 2" piece. Cut out some stars from scrap PP again. I added another arrow to the front and the fabric flower we just made to the back.

Next attach your photos. I added mine using foam pads so they popped from the page. I also added in a few stamped journalling cards as well.

And there you go, a mini album perfect for using all those little scraps. I hope you like it and has inspired you to have a go.

I have a card made from scrap as well but my camera batteries have died so i have sent DH out to the nearest town to get more as we dont have any shops in our village, lol. So i will pop back probably tomorrow now as loosing the light and show it to you.


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