'The Milk Bar' Quirky Kit - Sketch & Layout Ideas Book

Hello Ladies! Today I want to show you my 'Sketch & Layout Ideas' book! To decorate a book filled with blank pages to scribble in my ideas and sketches came first into my mind when opening up my "Milk Bar" kit and saw that thick and glittery chipboard sticker (and Leo did mention this idea as well, didn't she!?).
So here we go:
I bought a blank sketch book already a couple of weeks ago and started to layer some paper strips from the kit on it:

The big rectangle you can see in the first picture is the background paper of the 'ideas' chipboard!
After sticking these papers down with double sided tape I decorated the circle with the dragonfly and the button.
But when sticking down the big chipboard I thought: There is some pink missing! But where to attach it?! The pink thread came in mind!
So I sqeezed some glue (for that kind of work I always use Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive) around the chipboard and lined up the thread. Sticky fingers allert! The glue will dry clear so you won't see any mess!
There we go - enough pink on the cover now, right? And I added some more bling to the dragonfly circle!

Do you have a book where you can scribble in your ideas?! I never would have thought I need one, but some months ago I started drawing sketches and it was fun! I don't use every sketch I create, but most of them! So watch out for my next project - there will be a sketch with it!
Have a creative week!

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  1. Thats fab Daphne. I was mulling over in my head to make a smash book type notebook for scrapping inspiration so that will be the ideal use for the sticker. Must stop thinking about it and actually do it!!