More ideas in book form!

Hi Leo here!

I've been busy making a little idea book/notebook. You can also use this as a mini book or a memorabilia book. It's a good way to use off cuts of papers so I've mixed up the last few pieces of paper from the last kit along with some of the new paper and bits and pieces from this months kit. This is a stitched book and I've used a sewing marching but you can hand stitch it together or use staples too.

OK so start with your cover. Pick a paper out and cut it to size, my book is going to be 6x8 inches so I've cut out two pieces of paper for my front and back covers to 6x8 inches. You also need to make a book spine so cut out another piece of paper to 2 inches wide by the length of your book so in this case 8 inches. Fold the paper in half then fold in both the edges towards the fold so you end up with your strip of paper with three folds in it.

Glue the paper pieces to the strip so the edge matches up to the first fold on each side of the strip.

This forms the cover of your book and it allows for lots of expansion inside. If you want to make your book thicker just make the spine wider.

Next cut out some pages you can make them different sizes but keep them under the size of your cover so in my case I've made my pages all smaller than 6x8 inches. Fold the pages in half then one at a time match the fold on the page to the fold down the middle of the spine and glue it down with a little bit of glue stick, you only need a bit down the center line just to hold it in place while you stitch it together.

As well as paper pages I've made a pocket from an envelope that I've trimmed down then sewn along the edge. I've glued that in so it's slightly overlapping the fold.

Keep adding the pages matching the fold down the middle of the paper page to the fold down the spine.

Here you can see how my pages are all different sizes.

For one of the pages I've sewn one of the strip journalling cards along the edge like a tab.

Once all your pages are together how you'd like them sewn down the fold of your book. Use the largest stitch on your sewing machine if you're using one. If you're hand stitching use three stitches one in the middle and the other either side of it down the fold. If you didn't want to sew it at all you can also use a stapler to staple along the spine - again use three staples one in the center and the others either side of it all equally spaced out.

Once it's fixed together it makes a nice little book. I like the look of the mixed up page sizes and you can be guided by how large or small your scraps are and not just having to find paper pieces large enough to make full size pages all the time.

After making the book I still had some off cuts too small to use as pages so I used them inside and to decorate the cover.

I added some of the stickers from the Sassafras journal stickers sheet to add a little more decoration to the pages.

I've added the ideas sticker to the front of my book along with the paper scraps and some washi tape.


The ideas sticker has a shaped backing on it that is perfect for using as a mask too so I used it inside my cover spraying over it with mists.

 The cross stitch fabric and thread in the lite kit this month is great to make your own cute and quirky embellishments. I'll share some more ideas using the cross stitch materials another time.

So there we go a cute little book ready to fill with ideas. I've always like to collect little inspiring bits and pieces from magazines or printed out from things I've seen online or things I've snapped photos of on my phone. Idea books are a great way to get your creativeness off the ground.

Have fun xx