Collection Jars

Hi Leo here!
I've got a fun project today on the collecting theme, making 'collection jars'. You need an empty washed out jar and a few paper bits and pieces from your kit. It's a fun way to keep collections of 'chunky' bits and pieces you've collected. You can also add a photo as I've done too.
Mine has a vintage theme but you can make one to reflect a certain collection or make one like the memory jars that hold a collection from a special day or a holiday.

First start off by cutting out a piece of paper to fit inside your jar. Measure it out around the jar so you know it will fit inside. It needs to be big enough to cover half the jar so the front of the jar acts as your 'window'.

Once the paper is cut to size add anything you want to on top. You could make a mini scrapbook page, add a word or just add more paper pieces.

Roll the piece of paper up gently and pop it into the jar. If you want to make a piece of paper for the bottom of the jar you can do this just by drawing around the base of the jar. You could use something else too like sand or pebbles or shredded paper etc.
The jar's really starting to take shape now!

The next step is to fill the jar with your collected bits and pieces. My jar doesn't have a nice lid so I've decided to make a fabric lid from a piece of fabric fixed over the top of the jar with a elastic band and a piece of ribbon to disguise the band.

There we have the finished jar!
I think this is a lovely way to keep those lovely chunky little random collections that won't fit in your scrapbooks. The jars can go on a bookshelf just like a picture but a little more three-dimensional.
Have fun!


  1. Loving this idea Leo. As you say a lovely way to store bits and pieces around the place.

    Now to locate an ampty jar or two