What quirks make up you?

This month the kits give you the opportunity to make pages about things you love and that got me thinking of my sock collection!
My love of patterned quirky socks started way back before my love of quirky fun paper but I guess in a way they're very similar as they're both bright and fun with different patterns! Just like with paper too I do find it hard not to go shopping and to pick up at least one new pair.

Sock Collector
For this layout I started with the Bazzil 'Sawdust' cardstock as a base. I mixed up the papers from both kits to layer behind the photo. The banner at the top of the page was made using the fabric from the main kit then doodled around. The other banner was taken from the lite kit, I've layered some more fabric over the top of the felt pieces.

What quirks make up you? Do you have a different collection or something really random that you love. Why not make a page about it. It doesn't have to be about you it could also be in an interview form with one for each member of your family. :)
Have fun!

x Leo

P.S look out for our guest designer Leila popping up this week. x

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