Mixing it up, Quirky Style...

Hi There!

Another layout which demonstrates just how well all the Quirky kits work together especially when you add the essential elements in the form of the wonderful embellishments Leo sources for us. I used the Skyline kit again as the basis for my Layout and scraps from previous kits to build upon that base. How many do you recognise?

Do you see the woodgrain label peeking out from under the photo mat? That's the packaging from the TC enamel dots! I really went to town on those dots, it's so tempting to hoard these because they are so gorgeous but really, what use are they tucked away in a drawer? I also discovered, while I was working out where to place my dots and keeping them on the clear-backing and positioning them around your page...that they are spaced on the plastic perfectly. Or, to put it another way, once you decide where you want your dots to be, use their placement on the packaging as a guide to putting them on your layout...still confused? Wow, it's quite hard to explain in words, I think maybe a few photos would help, but that's for another post!

I hope you enjoy what you see today, and keep looking out for the sneaks of the next kit!

Nikki xxx

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  1. This is a gorgeous layout Nikki and yes I do recognise bits and bobs