Happy Scrapbooking Day! Homemade Scrapbook Album Project.

Today is National Scrapbooking Day and we're joining in the scrapping fun all over the world today!
I've got a project sheet for you to download. It's to make something that every scrapper needs and it uses up any supplies you have. It's also kind of essential. Got it yet? Yep your very own homemade scrapbook album!

They are deceptively simple to make and I've made the fastening so you can adjust the pages inside to add and take away as you use it. These are tried and tested albums too as I've used the design for my December Daily albums a couple of times and they're now a few years old and still going strong!
I decided to make a 6x8 inch size pocket page scrapbook in the worksheet sample, although you can use the same instructions and make an album to any size you want. I've got lots of left over photos from processing or past scrapping pages and so I thought rather than leaving them in the wallets I'd add them to a simple little pocket page album so they've got a nice place to live. It's also the kind of scrapping you can do in a weekend too, filling up a whole album as you go! Plus it makes use of your left over bits and pieces which I've also done collecting together left over bits from Quirky Kits!
The link to download the album project is bellow. It's in PDF format so you can download it to your tablet devices too to read through and keep for future reference.
Click here to download the Scrapbook Album Project Worksheet
Have fun whatever you're doing on Scrapbooking Day!
x Leo

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