Christmas Album Part 1 - Printables, first pages and a plan


Leo here to bring you the first part of the Christmas album ideas using the Christmas album Quirky Kit for this year which you can find in the shop here.
This year the album base is a super cute 4x4 album from We R Memory Keepers. I like these ring bound albums for full album projects like this one because they're nice and easy to swap pages around or clip in extra loose pages or memorabilia as you go along or you have the choice to put everything in a page protector if you want to. I think it's a good size for a Christmas album too because they're not going to take up too much time to make or space once they're done.
For this first post as the title mentions I've got some printables, some first page ideas and a plan for the album.

I'll start off with the plan bit. I've done lots of these December albums and one thing I find that I don't do is keep up with them adding to them daily but I do always end up with lots of Christmas photos I want to keep just not ones that are taken every day like a diary, those aren't really the ones I end up wanting to keep. So thinking about this I figured a 'better' way to record this time of year for me was to have a list of things to photo so it's not a chore to do every day it's something fun to do. I wrote down a list as a photo scavenger hunt and I've made it a printable so you can download it if you want to use it as your own resource this year too.
I've made the list as a PDF you can download to any device and print out here,

It could be something you could do just on weekends if that's all you have time for this way too.
I'm aiming to have at least 25 things photographed from the list so I can have my pages numbered 1-25 and have one or two photos for each number. So that's the plan bit!

I made some printable labels for journalling. Again these are in PDF format so you can download them to whatever device you're reading this on.

The last bit of this first post has the album cover and the first of the pre-made pages I've started. It's a really straightforward kit so you can literally just grab and go with it as you go along but I wanted to do some pre-made bits and pieces for my album.

The first thing I started was the album cover.

I used the 20 and 14 numbers from the Pink Paislee stickers in the kit on the bottom right corner of the album cover. They stick really well onto the album surface so just place them down until you're happy with the placement and then press them down as they stick fast.

I did do the little title card bit that goes in the holder on the spine before in red glitter but changed it to silver glitter instead. I used a piece of the sticker packaging cut into a strip to fit the holder and covered it with doublesided tape then peeled off the tape backing and sprinkled on the silver glitter. I've then slid that into the holder and added the title card from the kit over the top.

I also added some of the patterned tape from the kit to the edges. This didn't stick as well to the faux leather cover so I used some Glossy Accents on it to give it some extra sticking power. The edges are taken to the inside seam and I've used blobs of Glossy Accents over the edges to really seal it down. 

One of the pages I've finished is a shaker page pocket. I've taken one of the full 4x4 protectors in the kit and put the song cut out inside then filled it with some of the confetti and just stitched with the sewing machine all around the edges to seal in the confetti. I used the gold thread that was in the May/June Quirky Kit so if you have that grab that to add to your kit because it works well for just adding gold touches here and there.

If you don't have a sewing machine use a strip of paper cut to 1 inch wide x 4 inches long, fold it in half long ways and cover the inside with glue or doublesided tape then glue it over the top edge of the page protector to seal the open top edge. If you use glue or tape on the inside of your page protector all the confetti will stick to the glue inside so it needs to be sealed from the outside.
I've covered the ring edge of my page protector with a paper strip to show how the paper strips look. You can do this with some of your other page protectors too just to add a bit of pattern paper where you might want full photo pages.

Another quick page idea I put together was this one using two of the patterned papers. I cut both to 4x4 inches then cut the corner from one and glued it to the other so just the sides touching were glued down to make a little corner pocket a photo can be tucked inside of. You could add a page like this inside a page protector or have it as a paper page, just adding some holes or some attachers.

I wanted my album to have move-able journalling spots so I can add journalling in after and move them to where I need them so I went though the die cuts in the kit and pulled out the journalling cards to make into these cards with holes punched in the edges.

I glued some more patterned paper to the back to strengthen it and then added another of the die cuts on top to decorate it.

I'm going to leave the first post here for now. I have done a bit more and will be back to show you some more.
I've also been putting together some practical ideas for photo editing to make 4x4 and 2x2 inch size photos into 6x4 printable files which both makes it easier to get your photos processed or to print them at home and makes it more economical too.

Hope you're enjoying your Christmas kits!
x Leo

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