Easy way to re-purpose your kit bags for gift wrapping!

Leo here. I've got a really fun little re purposing project for you today using bits from the new Quirky Kits to make a gift bag using your Quirky Kit packaging. You can translate this to plain paper too to create your own custom wrapping paper.

I've put together the project in five easy steps, any one can do this and if you do all the cutting out bit and cover your surfaces to keep them paint free it could even be a good one to do with the kids.
You need:

  • Craft foam, (mine came from the Range and it was pence a piece, anything foamy from packaging or thin sponge would work too). 
  • Dies to die cut out with, (I used a Xcut circle die but again you could use any shape you want or cut out a design with scissors).
  • Double sided tape.
  • Paint, (I used acrylic paint but you can use any paint you have that's water based).
  • A stamping block or something similar.

  1. Cut out three or four pieces of the kraft foam. 
  2. Die cut the same shape from the pieces, a circle has been used here for stamping dots but any shape could be used, (star, triangle, hexagon etc.) 
  3. Stick the cut outs together with doublesided tape and fix the stack to a stamping block with another little bit of doublesided tape on the bottom.
  4. Apply a small amount of paint to a piece of scrap card and dab the foam into the paint taking off any excess so you have a small amount of paint on it.
  5. Stamp onto your bag, you don't need to push down just touch the foam shape to the paper and dab in the paint as you go along, remembering to take off the excess each time.
I used pink paint on the kraft but I also did a couple more like this white one with silver paint. White paint on the kraft would look good too.

To finish the bag off you can create a fun custom tag. For these ones I used the white card from the main kit with glitter alphabets from the main kit too and some of the thread from the embellishment kit. I cut a long strip of card out then fixed the letters down with a glue stick and then put it though the sewing machine to the stitching.

I then held the end of the card strip edges together and snipped off the end to make a pennant edge.

As a last finishing touch I've stamped another dot at the top of the tag then punched a hole through and threaded some of the silver string from the main kit to make it into a tag to fix it to the handle. If you have a bag with branding on you can cut out a shape to glue over it, like a big star I've used here. I did on purpose use as many unbranded bags as possible this month so you can re-purpose your bags over the holiday time. They're good for gift packing or to use for a hostess gift, just personalising them a little bit makes it really fun and unique!

Happy holidays!
x Leo

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