The noticeboard

As soon as I saw the cork board style paper in the Quirky Kit I knew I wanted to do a noticeboard style page.
It didn't quite come off as planned but I still think it was a good jumping off point :)
In my mind's eye everything was going to be smaller and more seperate. But I'm not very good at doing that. I need everything to link and flow. But I do like what I ended up with  and it still has that haphazard feel that my noticeboard does (only with less takeaway menus and hospital appointments on it!)

I decided that it was time to break open the embellishment kit for this time round. I like to try and do some pages with just the main or the lite kit so it has been killing me not to have fun with this as well. I was only going to use a flower and a peg and suddenly embellishments joined in all over the place!

To start with I gathered the remnants of papers I had already chopped up from the main kit. I even used a branding strip or two (the green polka dots on white is one of them). I added a thin black line around everything to help the patterns both stand out and harmonize.
 backed the woodgrain transparency with vellum to make it more opaque and backed the hello tag and the camera the same way. I thought I would try the lazy person's ribbon ruffling (gather pleats using a tiny attacher and add even more dimension by sticking it down using extra sticky red line tape). The staples are less visible to the naked eye than the camera lens. The ribbon seemed to stick out a bit in terms of design which is why I added a corner set of embellishments on the right hand side. I didn't have much ribbon left to play with by then!
The green dress photo was mounted on foam pads and the peg added by the side. I outlined the flowers, cut one in half and tucked them in various places around the layout.

The title is made from the tag, one of the die cut words and some of the Thickers. The journalling went on another tag and then I added some of the yellow polka Dotties, puffy stickers galore from the main kit and that adorable butterfly for no other reason than it is adorable.

 Why don't you try a noticeboard style layout with little clusters of papers/photos/notes together (takeaway menus optional)

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