Creating your style/Grab Five

Today I'm going to be sharing my style of pocket page scrapbooking and this hasn't just been a thing you can choose in 2 minutes it's took me a while to master a style I completely clicked with. My style also seems to involve a Grab 5, a grab five is where you just pick 5 items to use throughout your entire layout, and without noticing I do is almost every time!

I start of by selecting a sheet of 12x12 this is Simple Stories Carpe Diem Make It Happen, and I cut it using my guiltine and then on this layout I have used my favourite side for the 6x4 pockets and the back side as the 3x4 pockets. 

Next using a black pen I draw around the card giving it an edge, I saw this idea last year on Pinterest and loved it. For the full layout I also use the same colour to back all my photos, on this layout I used BAZZILL Basics Cardstock JETSTREAM ( Grab Five 1/5 ).

Once the borders are drawn I work on each card like they are their own layouts, completing one card a time. Throughout this page I'll be using PinkFresh Studios Felicity Cardstock Diecuts ( Grab Five 2/5 ), PinkFresh Studio Rubber Charm Stickers ( Grab Five 3/5, PinkFresh Studio Washi Sheets ( Grab Five 4/5 ) and FancyPants Designs Aqua Puffy Stickers ( Grab Five 5/5 ).

Here is the overall out come and I am so impressed I have really enjoyed using this kit and have more pages to upload soon! 



  1. Lovely page and interesting to read about your method x

  2. Lovely page and interesting to read about your method x