Ooh La La

As I was flicking through my photos I noticed one from a girls' trip to Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background and I thought it would be fun to do a graphic representation of it. This triangle paper kind of had the structure of the tower already, so I decided to use that as my main piece. I cut and backed a couple of sections, I could definitely have done something more intricate but I felt like making my life easier. 
 I chose the title from the mirror stickers mostly because 'ooh lala' is a kind of French thing to say (I think!) but I also love the chunky reflective gold.
 I somehow created a mostly yellow colour scheme and found this cute hot air balloon fitted it really well. Completely random but I think it still works.
 I also used a couple of pink flower stickers to add a bit more embellishment and stop the layout being too yellow.
I wanted to go for really chunky layering around my photo using a combination of yellow, a multicoloured print and graphic black and white. I used cardboard behind the cluster to layer it up even more.
I hope you're inspired to make a shape in your photo a feature of the layout, thanks for reading!

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