My new superpower

I have been able to read backwards and upside down for a long time. I try to keep that secret because it means people leave things out for me to read backwards and upside down! But I have just discovered that I can also write backwards which proved very useful for the next sketch challenge layout
 I used the sketch that was all about squares. My photos are a little closer together and the squares a little bigger than on the sketch but really mostly stuck too it. (Those sketches just make scrapping a breeze)

I decided that I wanted a big title but not with the big letters. I remembered that Kirsty Smith does wonderful hand lettered titles  and thought I would give it a go. But then was too lazy to work out how to print backwards on cardstock so wondered if I could write backwards in cursive
Yes, is the reply. The backwards green is not as pretty as the forwards orange but it was close enough. So I wrote on the back and played about until the letters were thick enough to cut out. I was going to cut out the middles and be delicate and pretty but... lazy remember? And I quite like them as they are.
I did then need to outline the letters. The trick to getting the letters right so that the unders and overs work is this
start at the end and go backwards
basically writing backwards again! So I went from the bottom tip of the "s" back to the "c" in cliffs. The letters were mounted on foam pads cut small and added to the papers.
I cut some 1cm paper strips and got writing.
then it was just a few finishing touches and job done


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