Adventures in Project Life style scrapping

I got so carried away with new kit goodies I completely forgot to upload these last week!

Did you purchase one of the limited edition Quirky Life kits? Or are you thinking of experimenting with the Project Life scrapping style and using your Quirky Kit to decorate your Project Life album pages?
You can now purchase your Project Life basics to go along with your Quirky Kit so it's a great time to experiment and see if the style suits your kind of scrapbooking.

Here's my first play at scrapping with the Project Life pocket pages. I used items from the Summer Life kit and both of the last Quirky Kits, Candy Floss Cart and Ice Cream Stall and the pocket pages I used were from the 'mixed selection set' you can order from the Project Life extras page.

I started off by trying to do the photo diary style of Project Life. I picked out a random week and tried to remember to take a few photos along the way. This was so not my idea of fun! I'm the kind of photographer who sees the photo op first then reaches for the camera not one who goes around with the camera and snaps away at everything going on. I think the most useful tool for this kind of documenting would be a mobile phone with a good camera or if you're big into Instagram and take photos of everything (you know who you are!) it would be a great way to use some of those photos like a picture diary I recon. Anyway here are some of the pages I finished up making.

Here's one using one of the pages with the 6x6 pocket, (Design E).
For this one I used the Design C pocket page. It's split up into six 4x6 inch pockets but I used two 3x4 cards or photos to one pocket on one side of the spread.
The first challenge for me was, do I include a title and how would I add that to a page like I would a regular scrapbooking style page? What I ended up deciding was to use one of the pockets as the title or intro for the rest of the photos. Here I used the fabric postcard from the Quirky Life kit and fixed it to a piece of patterned paper, (to cover the back) then stuck it with doublesided tape inside the centre of the pocket, filled the pocket with sequins and then stitched across the top of the pocket to seal them in. The sun doodle and the stickers are stuck on top of the pocket to stop them being obscured by the sequins. I did find the stickers stick really well to the surface of the page protectors so I wouldn't need to worry about them coming off. All the bulky embellishments like the cork arrows I also stuck on top of the page protectors to stop them bunching up when the cards went into the pockets.

I enjoyed scrapping the pages but I don't think this diary style of scrapping is something I'd keep up with. It would be a great way to document something that's on going in your life I think, maybe the story of a weight loss or a childs first year or the first year of marriage. Something that maybe you could update every month with new photos then get to see the whole progression at the end of the year? There's lots of scope I think but it's deciding on a project to begin with and then seeing it through. I'm also thinking of using this style of scrapping to make another recipe journal, that would defo suite me better :)
OK so after that experiment I decided to have a go at another approach to scrapping with the pocket page protectors - using them to scrapbook lots of photos from an occasion. In this instance lots of wedding day photos. I started out with a regular scrapbook page then picked out some of the other photos from the same batch and used the pocket pages as a kind of 'follow on' from the main page.
I was trying to think up different ways to use the sequins and made these heart embellishments by gluing the sequins to cardstock with glossy accents and then cutting them out into the heart shapes.
I had lots of portrait photos to use so that started me off with which of the pocket pages to use, I started with design D for the first page using both sides. The pockets only opened on one side so I made the pocket fillers first then glued them together back to back before sliding them in the pockets.

For the photos I used Photobox to process them and picked the 6x4 size and the photos fit the pockets perfectly. For the 3x4 inch ones I printed them off on my printer but afterwards I did think you could edit the photos to stick two side by side and then have them processed as a 6x4 and cut them out from that.

One of the main things that really annoyed me about scrapping with the pocket pages was having to fit the pockets around the photos I had. As you can see from this page I wanted to use a portrait photo in the top right and didn't have a pocket page to fit this layout so I had to chop up the photo. It makes the spread a little more interesting but I did miss the freedom of a whole blank 12x12 page and the freedom of sticking down everything where I want it. It is a great way to scrapbook lots of photos though and would be great for scrapbooking holidays or days out or occasions like this where you take lots of photos but don't end up wanting to scrapbook most of them, it's a good way of getting those kinds of photos off the memory card/out of the photo wallets and into a more interesting scrapbook album. :)

Have you experimented with the Project Life pocket pages and your Quirky Kits? Are you a regular Project Life scrapbooker or just starting out and experimenting? I'd love to see your pages or hear your stories of how you got on to feature here on the Quirky Kits blog. Email me your projects to

x Leo

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