2016 Album catch up - Part 2 Title page

Hello everyone,

I have been quite absent and had no time to participate in all of the fun activities I saw in our Facebook group. I wanted to partake in the challenges, although my work schedule has been quite packed, especially my training comes to an end. Here and there I had few minutes to spare, and I started to catch up with my 2016 project life album. This meant that first thing I decided to make was the first page of a new album.

I have seen everyone's ideas and inspiration on how to use this lovely page that was in this month's kit, although, I think mine is as simple as it can be. I thought that the patterns on this page are so beautiful that I wanted to only highlight few parts on this page with a pink pen and use the vibrant thickers for the title. All of this would make it an excellent and straightforward starting page of an album. On another note I also felt that this page represents my style very well, especially the colours - navy, yellow, mint and pink. These colours are my favourite to scrapbook with and my stash has a lot it. I hope to catch up with you once again and expect to see a bit more project life in upcoming future. Talk to you soon, Agnese

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