Texture and Layering Ideas

Hi, Leo here!

I've been posting some of the cards I'm making this month following the Daring Card Makers challenges to Instagram. Today I wanted to share a couple of ideas I've been playing around with. Making cards for me is a good way to play around with ideas I can then move over to scrapbooking. It's good to grab a stack of card blanks, (I make my own with spare card and my paper trimmer with the score blade in, easy as pie and you can even use up some of the heavier card weight patterned papers you have) and grab your stash and start just layering and messing around with the bits and pieces. A challenge is also a good way to help narrow down what you're using and that's what started off these two cards for me.
This week the Daring Cardmakers challenge is to create a card that features rough and smooth elements. So I sat with my Jan/Feb kit stash in front of me and thought about what to do. My first thought was to create some texture on the plain heart shapes but then I had a second thought and decided to add the texture to the stickers and keep the plain hearts the smooth elements. I cut out the stickers from the sheet and rolled them through a swiss dot embossing folder and my cuttlebug to add the texture.

The paper pieces were all scraps that were similarly sized and I then just trimmed them to be uniform and layered the three together to make into one piece with doublesided tape on the back. With them all coming from the kit and already being matched up I didn't really need to think about what matched but I did pull together all the coral/orange embellishments. That's another good way to help you pick out what you want to use just sticking to two or three colours. The "It's Your Day" bit was cut out from the Pink Paislee #16 paper from the Lite kit. 

This next card I made for last week's challenge which was a picture challenge you can see the picture here. Lots of the elements in the picture were black and white so I pulled out the black and white stripe bit of the Pink Paislee #16 paper and then I went into my other kit leftover stash to pick out more black and white elements. The picture had wooden furniture too so I picked out some wooden bits and pieces to use.

The embellishment kit this month has these mini transparency cards I've been thinking of ideas for. I picked one out to work into the card as it reminded me of the square windows in the image. I thought to use it as a layer to raise the title stickers over the top of the embellishments. To add it to the card I used some mini pegs and some of the super sticky tape to fix the pegs to the card then the transparency is fixed to the pegs to create the dimension off the card surface. That super sticky tape is really sticky, it even stuck itself to my desk! I wanted it to be good for sticking little embellishment bits down like wood veneer and rubber shapes and things like chipboard Thickers that don't always want to stick to pages. It does the job and then some! 😃 It's supposed to be crystal clear too so you can use it with sheer and clear embellishments.

Check out the new Daring Cardmakers challenges there's a new one every Friday and see what you can come up with. It's a great way to just get started with your supplies and if you're anything like me once you get started and get the playing bug it's pretty difficult to stop cutting and sticking!
x Leo


  1. You have a great facility for layering elements Leo, yours look interesting and stylish whereas mine would look like I'd suffered a spillage on my craft desk! It's lovely to see different takes on the same inspiration or challenge idea.

  2. I love the way you incorporate all the different elements on your cards in such a stylish way!