Beach camping memories

Hello everyone,

I have loved this month's kit, and also I have finally started to work on one of my wishlist projects - sister's album. It has kept me so occupied that I haven't done anything regarding posting and sharing these layouts with you. So today I decided enough is enough and I need to share this with you as it might inspire you and also you might have suggestions for me. As this is a very different style of project, usually I do either 12x12 project life and 12x12 traditional layouts, but my sister wanted a smaller, less expensive and quite simpler in design album. After some research I finally decided to use Hobbycraft 8x8 black album, which cost only around £3, so a total bargain in her and my book. Of course, this size of album caused few challenges, the size and quality of pictures, also more pressure not over to embellish, as the smaller size can faster become too busy.

But in any case, this is how far I have gotten at the moment, but first, let me give you an idea of the project itself. My sister's album would consist of three parts - her two best friends story's and then final part is her favourite pictures which represent important memories. Today I will start sharing with her first friends part, but you should keep note that I have blurred faces on these pictures and also notes of the pictures are written in my native language - Latvian, but you can see the rest of picture and layout. :)

The first page is the beginning of this friends' section when you open the album, then next two pages can be seen underneath, and for that reason, there is a common underlying tone - green. Most of the things I have used are either from my stash or previous months' kit, and I tried to use up these puffy stickers. The first picture showed the memory when my sister with her friends had a velo (Bicycle) trip which also included camping on the beach, and the next picture shows that my sister typically can eat salad even without a fork on the beach. :) She is quite active and loves outdoors, both of us have spent most of childhood around beach, see and various outdoor activities.

I hope you enjoyed it and watch out tomorrow for the next layouts from this project. Talk to you soon, Agnese.

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