When I only have a short amount of time to play, sketches are just a dream! I used two from the most recent booklet that Leo put together.

 This one tells the sad story of saying goodbye to our old car following a simple shunt. Because of its age and mileage it was written off almost immediately.
I was inspired by the thread to do some simple embroidery and used the same idea as in the sketch - a speech bubble. It would probably have looked better to have the words inside the bubble or at least the same side as the bubble points too - but it doesn't...

I picked out some of the papers that toned with the photos and the backing page. I drew the speech bubble on the back and with a needle from my ancient Making Memories craft kit (including hammer and implements to add brads the proper way - that's how long I've been crafting!), made some regular spaced holes on the back of the layout and used the thread from the kit to backstitch the pattern. I listened to an audio book whilst doing it (the amazing "the Girl with all the Gifts") and it didn't take much time at all.

I thought it would be fun to use the alphabet tile paper to make the car's registration. That worked because the "s" looks a bit like a 5! That wasn't meant to be the title, the tiny letter stickers (not from the kit) were and in hindsight I wish I could swap them round.

Because there was so much space around my too small title I added the sparkly bow ties. Nothing to do with the car really! A die cut, black tab or two and some sequins later and job done.

The second sketch also features sewing but I decided once was enough!
 I always love it when special moments happen - like the green of my drink and the veggies being an exact match to the green of the little phrases!

This sketch has lots of layered strips and a big one just under the photo and basically that us what I did. A black outline does help each pattern pop in my opinion and I use a lot of the branding strips as well as everything else. I chose my layers, put them on the page to see if I liked where they were, took them off for outlining and then replaced them roughly where they had been but always wondering if they were placed as well as before. Yes, taking a photo and looking at it would be a better idea!

I had to use this sticker as Carys can use chopsticks and I can't!
The flower was on one of the lovely cards but I cut it down to look better on this page
More of those lovely sequins!

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