Traveler's Notebook

So today I have something a bit different for me, my first photo page in a Traveler's Notebook! You may recognise the photo, I used it in a scrapbook page but I accidentally printed it again in a smaller size so I decided to try this new format with it.
The biggest challenge for me was probably the different ratio of the page, my original idea was to use a double spread but I wasn't quite sure what to do with the fold. I will definitely have to look at more pages for inspiration haha.
 I used my favourite technique of fussy cutting florals to add some embellishment (hint: that floral is actually cut in half so I don't cover up the pretty bit in the middle). I also thought a doily would look so nice and delicate in this smaller size.
 I added number embellishments for the 3 of us sitting on the sofa and chalk ink splatters (hint: try harder than I did to cover your photo because the ink goes a little strange on the glossy paper).

Overall I really enjoyed this format, especially how quick it was. Next time I print off photos I will definitely think about printing some in a smaller size to fill the rest of my notebook.

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