The Big Mini Album Project

Hey everyone,

Guess what I'm back and back with a big project nonetheless. You might think wait how a mini album can be a big project, but believe me it has been. I have been away for really long time and there have been quite few changes in my personal life both bad and good and that has in turn affected my crafty mojo. Enough on that, let's get into the album - it's a mini baking recipe book, which I created as a present in mind for my little sister.

When it comes to the materials I used, I have been using mainly the previous months kits - Scripted, Citrine and Party Up Lite Kit. There are few items that I did add from own stash such as small alphabets, die-cuts and stickers. The album itself was from WRMK 4x4 kit, which I got from TkMaxx.

As you can see in all of the pictures, there are few things that I kept similar throughout the album - one side of the page often was title and ingredients, while the other one would have the instructions of the recipe itself, but there are exceptions as well.

Inspiration: Yellow die-cuts from my stash and Navy star paper that was in one of the kits.

Inspiration: 3x4 card that said Wonderful, I cut this card apart and laid letters vertically instead of being horizontally. Once I finished the pages, I realised that I didn't have title, so that why I went through my stash and found a tag that was sent to me from pen pal.

Inspiration: The flowery paper from the previous kit. then I added few mint and pastel pink stickers and letters. While the other layout I wanted to use the orange die-cut and paper with scripted words, both of them made me want to make orange style layout for a Carrot Cake recipe, which is quite suitable. :)

Inspiration: Colourful papers on the right side - various coloured words and flowery mint green one. As you can see in the first layout I used various die-cuts and stickers to pull the colour paper to life. I'm actually quite pleased that I used some foodie die-cuts, such as, the cup of tea and strawberry. 

Inspiration: Colourful papers on the right side, I just love these papers (have been hoarding them).  

Inspiration: Both tags were the starting point, the first one already had the colourful line on the bottom, while the second one was created to finally use up washi strips that I had in my stash (if I remember correctly from Maggie Holmes collection). As you can see these recipes were short ones and that's why I decided to add title and ingredients on the tags.

Inspiration: Paper with coffee/tea cups and geometrical paper on the right side was used to start the pages.

Inspiration: Cactus & Llama and the paper on the right side with black & white flowers.

The final part was to create the ending of the mini album and as I loved the flowery paper so much, I thought that I need to use it once again to bring the album together. But as the album felt a bit empty still, I decided to add a pocket using paper bag that I got from the kit. First thing I did cut 2 strips of paper to stabilise the punched holes. And create recipe cards that sister can swap and add if necessary. In total I added 6 more recipes on the cards, these were more complex recipes as I had more space to write.

Below are the inserts in the pockets.

I hope you all enjoyed looking at this mini project! 
Talk to you soon, Agnese.

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