Two Different Ways To Use Pocket Cards That Aren't Project Life

Hi Leo here again!

This past week I worked on two pages both using pocket cards from the Custom Card kit. I don't personally 'do' Project Life' as I just find it too difficult to keep up with it but that's not to say I'm not scrapbooking everyday life just little pockets, (ha!) of it to add to my albums. I also like working with pocket pages as it helps to push me to use more than one photo on a page. They're really good for events too, like where you have lots of photos from one day and you're not sure how to scrapbook them. You can pick out your favourite one or two to do full pages of then add the rest in pocket pages and fill in journalling here and there with your pocket cards. Loads of possibilities!
OK onto my projects! I created a regular scrapbook layout using cards to make a 'cluster' base and I created a second layout using a pocket page protector but I've twisted it a bit to make it non-conventional too. I've made two process videos to show how I've made the pages you can view if you want to too.

Traditional Layout Using Custom Cards:

I used the Brusho from the current main kit plus a few off cuts of patterned paper and bits from the Jan/Feb 2018 Quirky Kits. If you've not had a play with your Brush yet watch the first part of the process video as I run through how I've been using the Brusho the most using the kit packaging to make a mono print, it's really simple to do and you don't get too messy either so it's worth having a play.
I also based it around the monthly sketch on UK Scrap Addicts:
Process Video: 


Pocket Page layout using a Design A pocket page protector:

For this page I started out with a Design A page protector and I've used cards and embellishments from the current Custom Card kit plus a few extra stickers from the Kaisercraft sticker sheet that was in the July/August 2017 Quirky Kit Lite, not the Jan/Feb one as I say in the video! I was using the Jan/Feb main kit Kaisercraft sticker sheet in the previous layout so I got totally confused!
Process Video:

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