On A Page - layout challenge #4

Here's you fourth and final 'On A Page' challenge! If you've not read about the new challenges you can catch up with the first one here and the second one here, and the third one here.

How it works:

Each new challenge will be posted here on the blog and also in the Facebook Group for you to follow along with.

Complete all the On A Page weekly challenges to be eligible for an extra goody in your next kit box! The closing date to complete all four of your On A Page challenge projects will be Monday 18th March 2019. All projects must be new projects made specifically for this challenge. You can use any stash you choose but it's a great opportunity to dig into your kit box and not leave it unused! 

Ready for the forth challenge?

The final 'On a page challenge' is - Piece of Pie. I want you to include a 'pie' or pie chart inspired element made from paper on your page for this next challenge. Basically imagine a pie or maybe a pizza and how you'd cut it up into slices. Create that in paper and put it together as an embellishment. Easy as pie! It's a fun way to use up off cuts of patterned paper and also helping you to mix up more than one patterned paper on a page. If you don't have a compass to make the circles to cut out use mugs, plates bowls etc to draw around. Go completely freehand or plan more first by creating a 'pie' with plain paper first, then cut it up into pieces to get your 'slices' and use those as templates to draw around the 'slices' onto your patterned paper.
Ready to get creative?
If you need further starting points here are some images dug up from Pinterest with layouts that focus on a large or long title to kick start your own ideas:

Smaller project size to show you can make these kinds of embellishments on a smaller scale too. Something like this could make a fun journaling page or maybe even add smaller ones inside pockets in a pocket scrapbook/letter page filling some of the negative space around the circle with sequins?

Once you've finished your creation upload it to your platform of choice.
For Instagram tag @craftytemplates and mention it's for the On A Page Quirky Kit challenge.
For Facebook add it to the Quirky Kits Group - they'll be a post for each new challenge there to share it to or else mention it's for the On A Page challenge when you share it so I can find it.
For blog add a link to your project from your blog in the comments below any of the On a Page challenge posts, (like this one).
Or if you'd prefer to keep your project private you can email them directly to Leonora@craftytemplates.com
For this challenge I'm going to leave open ended what your finished project is so you can create a scrapbook page or a mini book or a pocket page or a card or a travellers notebook page etc etc. I'll leave it up to you what you choose to do. I've also left out any prompts relating to the photo/s so if you have specific photos you want to get scrapped these prompts aren't going to stop you using the photos you want, just push you with a helping hand on the things to pick out, make and do.
Have fun!
xx Leo

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