Patterns challenge Week #4

Hi Leo here!
Here are the details for the forth of the new weekly challenges. The latest challenge is called Patterns.
The new challenges will focus on a different pattern every week. You might want to interpret them literally and raid your patterned paper stash but we'll also be looking at ways to use pattern as the main embellishing element on your page.

How it works:
I'll post up details of each new challenge every week, (this being challenge number 4 of 4). Each new challenge will be posted here on the blog and also in the Facebook Group for you to follow along with.
Complete all the Pattern weekly challenges to be eligible for an extra goody in your next kit box! The closing date to complete all four of your Pattern challenge projects will be 20th September 2019. All projects must be new projects made specifically for this challenge. You can use any stash you choose but it's a great opportunity to dig into your kit box and not leave it unused!
Ready to see the forth challenge?
For the forth challenge the pattern focus is:


So you can take this literally and head into your stash to pick out all your patterned papers with a checkerboard or check pattern to use. Or you could use the idea of a checkerboard pattern as the base for your layout. Here's a simple checkerboard pattern. What could you make up your squares with? Photos, patterned paper, coloured card, stamping?

If you need more ideas I've dug these up from Pinterest to help to kick start your mojo:

On this layout the squares are made from paper cut in squares and triangles then stitched over the top. The pattern of the checkerboard has been turned at an angle too.

Another idea that slightly tilts a checkerboard and the pattern is made up using photos and papers.

Black and white checkerboard is fun for boys and teens themed pages. If you don't have any ready made in your stash how about recreating it with black and white card?

A simple checkerboard of patterned paper squares covering the whole page.

A checkerboard pattern created with tiny squares of paper and stitched edges.

Checkerboard stamped background.

You don't have to stick to squares to make a checkerboard pattern. Here's one made from rectangles!

Here the black card background has been used to create the black checkerboard squares with the white one made from patterned paper pieces, so fun!

Ready to get going with your own layout?
Once you've finished your creation upload it to your platform of choice.
For Instagram tag @craftytemplates and mention it's for the Patterns #4 Quirky Kit challenge so I can find it.
For Facebook add it to the Quirky Kits Group - they'll be a post for each new challenge there to share it to or else mention it's for the Patterns challenge #4 when you post it so I can find it.
For blog add a link to your project from your blog in the comments below any of the Patterns challenge posts, (like this one).
Or if you'd prefer to keep your project private you can email them directly to
Have fun!
xx Leo

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