The best laid plans

I thought that I might try being inspired by the Pinterest Pointers post that Leo put up recently. The inspiration turned out to be quite tenuous in the end. Mostly because I cut the wrong sized flowers using my Tattered Floral die (should have gone next size down) and also - as I am lucky enough to now own a Silhouette machine, I wanted to try cutting my title from my base cardstock. So what I ended up with is this (using mostly the Lite kit)

The photo is a conversion of a slide (as well as being veeeerrry old) which is why it is a funny colour and has lots of marks on it. I could have cleaned it up a bit more but a) I don't really know how to do that and b) like listening to vinyl rather than CD's sometimes it is the glitches that make things more interesting.

I had cut a few more flowers from the fabric but, as I said my idea just didn't work so I decided to use the rest of the denim to back the lettering I cut out for the title.

It might have been nice to have put the middles of the letters back in if I hadn't lost some of them on the way up to my craft room from the computer.

I outlined all the flowers with Distress Ink and spent ages playing with placement before sticking them down and adding a ribbon border on the right hand side, and another ribbon pennant by the title for balance.
I wrote my journalling in a free hand way and then all that was left to do was add some Stickles and Liquid Pearls to the centre of the flowers. I learnt the hard way that it was better to draw a circle with a pencil first. I left the pencil marks there because I reckon they would be more trouble than anything to try and erase them and unless you are looking really close up (as in the next photo) they are virtually invisible

Although what I ended up with was not what was intended I like the late 60'/early 70's  vibe that the large flowers bring to the layout

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