Adventures in Planner making - Shopping for your perfect planner

Hi! Leo here

Today I want to give you a quick heads up on a new little series of blog posts coming up here on the Quirky Kits Blog all about planner making.
Have you got caught up in the scrappy planner trend yet? Lots of stationary style scrapping goodies have been popping up this year inspired by the planner trend and there's more set for next year too, (there will be some in the upcoming Nov/Dec Quirky Kits!).
With the turn of the year coming up I think it's a good time to get set with a planner for everyday, (whether that inspires you to scrapbook in a planner too is another thing?).
I think they are brilliant projects to start the new year with and major plus, it's a project you can do with supplies that are in your kits and stash already so I wanted to do a blog series about ideas customising planners with your scrapbooking supplies.
This first introduction post is about looking for that essential bit you need for planner making and that's the planner itself!

Shopping for your perfect planner

I have looked at some of the scrapbook planners online and while they are nice, for me I think there are so many lovely planners and personal organisers already on the highstreet to choose from I didn't want to be limited to scrapbook company ones. I'm also thinking of a planner as a personal organizer as well as somewhere to keep notes and inspiration bits in so I wanted my planner to be a standard size so I can use standard size refills in it if I wanted to, as well as it having a week to view diary in it. So taking all this into account I ended up at one of my favourite UK highstreet stores, Paperchase!

There are so many pretty planners/organisers to pick out and it's a personal choice to which you go for so first off ask yourself what you're using your planner for? That should dictate which size would work best for you. I like lots of space to work in and it'll primarily be a desk based one so I went with an A5 size one and the one I picked out was this one:

Paperchase have so many planners to pick out, from really colourful patterned ones like the one I picked out to classic ones, if you preferred a simpler style this one I think is lovely!

It's a personal size one so it's slightly smaller than A5 at 140mm x 188mm which is about 4cm smaller than the A5 size ones.
There are also lovely original Filofax ones in pretty patterns like this one:

Another thing I liked that I could pick up from Paperchase at the same time were some matching pens to add inside the planner. I went with fineliners because I like writing with them. One is a black fade proof ink one, (uni-ball eye black pen, these are good for scrapbook journalling too) and the other is a pink one I can use for highlighting, (Pilot V5 pink). Both of course I also had to pick out because they matched the planner colours!

I wanted to share another planner base idea too, not just a personal planner, one that you could make completely your own inside and out. So I've picked out one of these A5 ringbinders:

Paperchase A5 Kraft Binder

It's the same size as the A5 organiser:

The inside has 3 rings rather than the standard 6 rings organisers have though:

These would be really good to create a planner completely from scratch or make use of the printable planners you can download online to make your inside pages, mixing in note paper and scrapbooking paper pieces to glue things on top of. You can get ready made filler pages for them here so you could if you wanted to use those to alter with your own papers. I will work out a template page to fit it for us though.

That's all for this first post in the planner making series. I'll be back with the second installment in just over a weeks time where we'll start picking out items from your scrapbooking supplies good for planner cusomising! There's an accompanying Pintererst Board I've started up here,
x Leo 

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