Its a wheely big part of life

told you there would be more wheel photos. This one features a rather fab photo my husband took of the wheel from the ground as well as two views from the wheel itself. I wanted to talk about how this has become an icon in Torquay - but it is only around for tourist season so I am always happy to see it go up and a bit sad to see it dismantled as it means that winter is coming.

I so nearly made this quite a stark page but as my last layout was rather clean I decided to go a bit more messy. And I photographed some of the stages as well.
 As I have said before I am a huge Missy Whidden fan and love the backgrounds she makes. I am nowhere near as skilled but "technique-lifting" is a good way to learn. She talked this week about smooshing gelatos with a baby wipe, so I had a go - just using blue and yellow
I am a bit heavy handed and probably need to be lighter in my scribbling. At this stage I was thinking "What are you doing - this is one hot mess". So I decided to add some stamping on top. I used a Kaisercraft background stamp. I have a fair few of these stamps and I don't put them onto blocks in order to stamp a background. This means that not all of it will hit the cardstock with the same pressure - which I prefer. I also stamp a few times before reinking
(its a sideways view)
I still wasn't totally sure but thought I would go for it anyway. I took the papers from the Lite kit - Sketchbook and cut them into strips. The Pink Fresh Doodle Borders got a wash with the blue and  yellow gelatos and I also added some blue to the Simple Stories So Fancy Triangles as well. Everything got my usual two stage black pen outlining.
 I matted the photos on white card stock and adhered them with foam pads. I tucked a Pretty Little Studio Treasure Island Note Strip into the papers, having coloured that with the blue and yellow gelatos as well.
Then I placed the October Afternoon Treasure Map Mini Market stickers towards the bottom left adding one of the vellum paper arrows with little glue dots (I tried to space them evenly so even if they are seen they kind of look like a detail)
I did add some enamel dots from my stash - I do need little circles of something - but they were a pretty good match I think.

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