Thursday Challenge #2

Here's another Thursday challenge for you! As follows:

- Create a project inspired by your favourite memory.
- It must contain at least five different embellishments, those can include things like paint and stamping and other techniques you can use to embellish as well as ready made embellishments. The embellishments have to be different types though.
-It must use the colour orange.
- You need to use some handwritten journalling.

Handwritten journalling can be a big ask I know so if you don't normally include it make it something to have a go at with this challenge if you do normally include lots of journalling think about how you can make it slightly different from how you'd normally approach it. Maybe by creating a large decorative first letter or using a different pen colour or how about journalling right on top of a photo?
The five embellishment challenge is a good excuse to try a new technique or maybe have a go at embellishment layering and creating a cluster of embellishments.

What ever you're making have fun!
Link up what you've made if you want to leaving a comment here or on the Crafty Templates Facebook page, group or on Instagram tagging your post with @craftytemplates 


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