Don't do as I do...

This layout isn't quite how it was going to be
Mostly because I am very clumsy...
but I think I have just about salvaged it!
 It started quite well. You will have to take my word for it that the spray in the Candy Floss Cart kit is almost a perfect match for the front door in the photo (I think it may not have come out right because there is a photo of a photo. Or it might just be my bad photo editing skills!) So I decided to take a break from Florence and document this fab story

I used some Paperartsy grunge paste and a dotted mask. When that was dry I used the Kesi-art Pschhiitt ink spray as a mist,  then I splattered some drops and then I painted a few of the raised dots with the mist.

I layered up my papers and then decided to soften the red of the large patterned piece with some Gesso. Why I am not quite sure as it was a great match to the jumper before. I think I hoped that the red would stand out more and anyway it is lovely and strong on the vellum. I also sprayed the paper I cut to journal on with yellow mist and added a few dots of yellow mist around the place. 

Sticking down those narrow strips was hard. I did it the wrong way round. I should have started from the bottom and worked up. I got myself in a sticky tangle and there is more vellum showing than I intended. But it is all good.

I cut up the tags and added them to the right hand side of the journalling spot. Their right edges are raised with foam pads for some extra dimension. I also distressed the edges of the main piece of paper with my fingers.

Then came the major disaster: I have seen "proper" scrappers line up stickers on a ruler to get them straight and then lay them on the layout and it all looks perfect. I tried and failed big time, I just couldn't get them off the ruler and onto the layout the way I wanted to, so started taking them off the ruler one at a time. Only I hadn't checked where I had put the sticker/ruler combo down until I came to pick up the next letter which had now stuck to the photo. And when I tried to pull it off - some of the coating came off the photo as well. 
Hurray for cork embellishments that can just about cover up mistakes I say!
And of course - oh the irony - the title still isn't straight.
but I do love those stickers - they have a letterpress look on the white cardstock.

I cut up one of the Elle Studio tags to write the date and place. Here is another tip - don't just write on top of your layout where you might end up running out of space and leaving a black spot in the middle of your white space where it would spoil the effect of the layout to try and cover it up. No - lean on scrap paper you dozy mare. (that is a note to self by the way. And did you spot the black dot? Bet you do now!)

However one thing that went right was the little dots. I added some of the glass dewdrop beads from the kit and some yellow Liquid Pearls. I also added some of my DIY Liquid Pearl Enamel Dot type things - they are the red ones. You can see how I did it on my blog. OK you don't really need to bother as all you do is make big blobs on thick acetate and leave them to set!

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  1. This photo has brightened my day...seriously funny. There is something about photo bombing that makes me lol!
    Great LO Lythan.