Starting Lite

Normally when I get my box of lovely goodies I start with the main kit and then break open the lite kit but this month I decided to dive straight into the wonderful Ice Cream Stall

Firstly I printed my photos which I had turned into polariods using Picasa (its free!). I chopped up small elements of the papers, including the arrows from the Chalkboard Quotes paper. As I so often do, I outlined everything with a black Sharpie. I do find I like something to define my patterned paper edges and a Sharpie pen is, well, sharper. Always have some scrap paper underneath if you do this. I place my paper on the scrap and just draw a line down the side using the Sharpie pen. Half makes a lovely black line on your paper and half ends up on the scrap.

I cut the banner from one of the other papers and cut out the tags that were part of it. I often do this with printed on features like this as it makes them more dimensional. I punched out various heart shapes with different sized punches. I also chose some elements from the sticker sheet to outline. I do this by peeling them off and sticking them onto the back of the sheet so they are easy to remove again when you want to use them on your layout.

When I was happy with placement I stuck down my papers, stickers and photos. I knew I had a lot to say so made sure there was a big space on the left hand side. Initially I used the sticker sheet alphabet to make the title but it was a little too soft - I needed something more graphic so resorted to pulling out some old Thicker Sheets. Of course most of my old Thicker sheets are running out of vowels so a little bit of improvisation went on!

Once I had finished my journalling marathon I sprinkled some of the darling teeny confetti over parts of the page and used Glossy Accents to stick them down. Enormously fiddly but worth it!
 These kits have come just in time for me to record my recent trip to Florence and the colours are just right to showcase some stories full of love and sunshine. I do hope you are enjoying  the kits as much as I am - I bet you are!


  1. How did you do the polaroid's on Picassa, I've got it but haven't seen that function!

  2. Dawn you need to make sure you have updated to Picasa 3. There are all sorts of extra editing choices if you have that. If you are already on Picasa 3 and haven't spotted it you need to click on the icon with the paintbrush and the blue square and polaroid is the last option. The default is to save them at an angle but I tend to straighten them up first (and then stick them at an angle!)