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I love paper. I love embellishments. I love pairing them together with photos. But what I like best is capturing memories and this is what I did here
 I was a bit naughty with this one and used the original photo (gasp!) but it did mean that I scrapped it rather than putting it back in the album it fell out of. I don't remember the exact date but I do remember the fear I felt doing this street theatre in the middle of Worcester.
I had run out of full sheets of paper so went hunting for something. I found some old Bazzill papers that echoed the ground that the two Baked Beany Brothers are rolling on. 

And that gorgeous flowery paper looked a bit like the top I was wearing (to be honest it is much nicer! I bought that top for my 21st birthday party - what was I thinking? I know it was the 80s but still...) which is what started me off on creating the page really

I chopped up various papers that toned and slipped in and cropped some of the die cuts and cut apart pages. I added the title. (I adore those big letters) and then I started writing and wrote and wrote all about the feelings and the memories and the whole thing about being a group of young people working together. Two of us are married 30 years on, one is a grandmother, one has died, one I've lost touch with. So, so much comes out of one picture. Would I remember it all if I hadn't scrapped it? Maybe, but I'm not convinced.

And it is the kit and those wonderful butterflies skimming through time again, that have helped me capture these memoties. If I hadn't been struck at the patterns of top and paper I would probably not have this story of moments and months of being brave.

(As well as the background paper I did also add in some white enamel accents) 

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